iHotels Board

The Board consists of the following members:

  • Amin Jamani – Chairman
  • Nazish Kheraj – Nazish was elected in October 2013, he has primary responsibility for negotiating supplier deals
  • Al Munir Malik – Al has primary responsibility for dealing with legal and financial issues
  • Shemina Bhimji – elected in October 2013
  • Pyarali Jamal – Pyarali is responsible for Alliances on the EPB and is a non-voting Director

In addition, Shelina Nanji is supporting us, although she is not a Director.

Our first AGM and shareholders meeting took place on 20th October 2011, at the Ismaili Centre where the Chair, Nashir Boghani was re-elected as Chairman and Amin Jamani plus Shafin Jivraj were re-elected as Board Directors.  Zahir Asaria and Al-Munir Malik were appointed as the two new Board Directors taking over from Amin Merali and Mahmood Badrudin who retired due to other commitments.

Please contact shelina.nanji@ihotelsalliance.com if you require any further information regarding the AGM.