Welcome to iHotels Alliance website

The iHotels Alliance is a consortium of hoteliers across the UK who have joined forces to benefit from cost saving opportunities, industry focused seminars, potential investment opportunities and a strong network within the sector.

To become a member please click here or for further information please contact us.

Why Join us?

There are many reasons to join the alliance, some key benefits are highlighted below:

iHotels Alliance offers the following to its members:

  1.  Generate above average cost savings for its members by negotiating supplier discounts.
  2.  Produce additional cash flow every quarter for its members through rebates it negotiates from suppliers, which it will distribute (after operating expenses) to all members on a pro-rata basis
  3. Share best practices, knowledge and insights on key industry developments
  4. Identify new revenue generating and business opportunities for its members and shareholders

To become a member please click here or for further information please contact us.